Tourism is the study or the investigation of the exercises, administrations and businesses that convey a travel understanding to gatherings or people. It is the investigation of the desires and conduct of sightseers, and the monetary (behaviour of tourists), social and natural effect of tourism on South Africa.

In this subject learners will study the following;

The different types of tourists and the purpose of their travelling;
the different tourism sectors, with special reference to transport, hospitality, travel organizing and support services, and the attraction sector.

• map work;
• foreign exchange concepts and the buying power of different foreign currencies;
• the influence of world time zones on travel;
• South Africa and the SADC countries as tourism destinations;
• world famous icons and World Heritage Sites;
• sustainable and responsible tourism;
• marketing of tourism products;
• technology in tourism;
• customer care and the value of service excellence; and
• tour planning.